Sara. Twenty-Four. San Francisco.

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Sara! I'm going to be going to San Francisco in November (a little ways away) and would love, love, love to gab over coffee/lunch with you! Tell me you'll be in town then? Stay lovely, wonderful girl!

Hello my love! Do you know your dates yet!?

November is a BUSY month, but would love to make it work!


well, seems like all it took was a little introspection and self care to light the fire within. i'm proud of you. keep following your dreams.... you're goin' places, kid! :)

I love you. Friends like you are what it’s all about!


Love your space here. I'm sure you've been asked a million times, but the outfit you're wearing at yosemite with the poncho and headband, where did you get both of those pieces!? I need some of that in my life!!!

Thank you so much. I wish I could tell you but that is actually my girlfriend Kristin that I photographed. Babes got style!


Thanks for stopping in! Dont be a stranger!