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Hey do you mentor any people with photography?

I have yet to, but happily would!


love your blog and just followed your gorgeous instagram! I'm from SF also, missing it dearly but moving back in May. Thank you for all the beautiful things you post!

Hi Alex! Thank you for stopping in and sharing with me.

Hurry home to your city by the bay! Truly the greatest city in the world!

Please don’t be a stranger


How did you get into photography? I've been following your Instagram for years and have seen a great improvement in your work. What is your favorite subject to shoot?
by Anonymous

Well I picked up a camera in high school, though I have always considered painting to be my main artistic medium. While living in Orange County I started at a Porsche Tuning working as an Admin. Assistant. In my bosses office was a Canon 60D collecting dust, so I taight myself to use it and posted media for the shop via Facebook and blogs. Later, when I was working at Code 4 Media, I worked closely with the creative department. They covered everything from design to branding to event coverage. I would listen and learn on the array of Canon SLRs. I started shooting film in Long Beach with a 1979 Nikon EM. All the while having space and time for painting and creating.

Now, since living in San Francisco my space has been cut in half and I don’t really have anywhere to paint freely the way I always have. I know that sounds silly, but real-estate is small and expensive up here, its stifling. I haven’t invested much effort into restocking my paints and brushes and don’t think I will until I feel like I have the freedom to. Its a constant and revolving investment, and Cadmium Red at $50 a tube sucks.

With that, Shawn actually ignited much of the photographers fire in me after his first semester here taking a photojournalism class. (I liked the idea of a big time investment with the Body and Len(s) and then freedom to click away.)  We would venture around the city together going on photo-walks; capturing and learning. His long exposure stuff is very beautiful. Fast forward to a point where I felt like I was drowning in anything accept my art. I wasnt painting due to restrictions, I was working 24/7 and I was just feeling SO creatively dead; Photography has saved that. I am a painter in a place where she can’t paint. But I am still an artist. So I took my resources; This beautiful Bay Area, wanderlust feels, explorer and adventure seeking nature and married them all under the umbrella of photography. I purchased my Nikon D7000 and 35mm and have been going to town ever since. 

Photography is completely fulfilling for me right now. I am outside, shooting beautiful places, meeting the right kinds of artistic/insightful/inspiring friends, and growing with my city. I am super thankful to photography for opening up to me. I feel more creative now than I have in a long time and I am going to hold onto this feeling. Thank you for taking notice, you are not the first and I am glad people see that I am being intentional with it. As far as my favorite things to shoot, people…. in beautiful places. Catching the essence of both in one is special to me.