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Put on By Parents:

Last night while sitting down to do my nightly journal topic it reads: "How would your parents describe you to a stranger? (You can call and ask if you must.)" 

I did. And though I have much confidence in the human that I am, it was extremely interesting to put my parents “on the spot” and to hear verbatim their streaming thoughts. I mean, really, when was the last time you asked your parents exactly what they thought of their own creation? Surely they are not going to sit there and rip me a new one, not like they would anyway, but they were fair and genuinely honest (like I asked) and it was good to hear. Figured I would share it -

Dad: The very first and seemingly premeditated sentence out of his mouth was “She is as tough as she is kind.” He has thought about this before. “She has been independent her whole life. Even as a baby she would keep pleasantly occupied. She sings like a bird, is an artist, well read, well spoken, poetic and sensitive. She expresses herself in unique and independent ways from her paintings to her own, brain-brewed tattoos. She is someone who I know will never settle. Being 3rd amongst her siblings, she often times had to settle as a child within the atmosphere of the household. As an adult, never. She is very sensitive to peoples needs; Though I wouldn’t cross her. She has the means to defend and win. She is artful enough to use 3 syllable words, but chooses profanity and that makes  her, her. She is self-reliant, self-motivated, ever charming and caring. She is my baby.” 

Mom: “She is a contradiction. She is a foul mouthed, whiskey drinking broad  and yet the sweetest, softest, most compassionate person; To both friend and stranger. Sidebar: She threw a local concert benefit for her girlfriend who’s mother suffered and died from MS. She wrangled local bands, staged a show at a friends house, charged “donation admission” and helped provide her children with funds towards a proper burial for their mother. What other 19/20 year old kid and her friends do that?! - It’s genuine compassion with her. She is extremely friendly. Makes friends of all shapes, sizes, color, backgrounds etc. She is extremely straight forward. There is absolutely “no bullshit” with Sara. She speaks the honest truth, but is never malicious.”

Step-Dad: “She is the most beautiful woman in the world inside and out.” My mother, “really, out of anyone in the world?” - “Yes, out of all the women in the whole wide world.”

I took a few things from this; First, I think these people are obviously great students, because I would definitely use most of these adjectives. Not to “toot my own horn” but as young humans we all struggle daily with just the type of footprint we are leaving behind. It just feels a lot better when other people repeat it back to you. It lets you know that the perception you hope to radiate is coming off accurately. Not one off these descriptions made me feel like I was misunderstood. I am exactly all of these things, even the rough edges. Truthfully, that might be my favorite thing about me. Secondly, I took away that the way one views their own family dynamic is strange. The questions: I wonder who is their favorite? How do they see Amy? James? Do they pin us against one another? What did you think they thought we would end up like? ….. Being a parent must be such a wild ride. Watching these being of your own genetic makeup develop and manifest has to be the wildest conscious experience. Do they see Amy and James the same way I do? Are we these characters in their head? Amy the wise, eldest with that same disposition, James the all American middle son and lastly Sara, the cheeky wildcard?

It did me well to have these conversations with my parents. Perception is a tricky minx. Do yourself a favor and ask your parents, or person closest to you to be brutally honest about just whom they think you are as a person. Try it out. You will be pleasantly surprised and reassured all at the same time!


Ps. General consensus; They are proud of me, who I am, how far I have come in my life and that I am some who chases her desires. Cheers to that shit!



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